What To Look For in a Madden 15 Strategy Forum

It seems that new Madden websites pop up every month promising free tips, awesome guides, and competitive tournaments.  This certainly has been the case with previous games like Madden NFL 25 and Madden 13.  We’ll probably see the same thing this year with Madden NFL 15.  Below are a few tips for choosing the best Madden 15 forum for your needs.

  • Choose one that has been around for a long time.  Without giving out specific links, there are about 3 or 4 madden strategy websites that have stood the test of time and have been alive and active for 5+ years.  Those are the ones you want to join.  Nothing is more frustrating than joining a website that becomes inactive overnight or a league that ends after 3 weeks.
  • Check the quality of tips and cheats.  There are really only about 5 innovators in the whole Madden community.  Everyone else just takes the schemes other people create and use it as their own.  The people or website you want to follow are the ones constantly coming up with new strategies.
  • Find a message board that is welcoming.  There are a few big Madden forums that have plenty of members but are only welcoming to the “in crowd.”  You should never feel afraid to ask a question.  If people call you a noob or jump on you abut it, it is time to find a new forum for Madden 15.

Madden 15 is rapidly approaching.  Even though there isn’t much news yet, expect a demo in bout 3 months and the game to be release in August.

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