Easy Madden NFL 19 Tips For Gamers

In order to become good at Madden 19, you need a combination of practice, stick skills, luck, and knowing the right tips and cheats.  Every year the tactics are different whether it is rocket catching, nano blitzing, certain runs, an unstoppable passing play or anything else.

At this point, we don’t know what will be the most effective strategy to use in Madden NFL 19.  We likely won’t know that until September or October.  However, we do know some basic ideas that work every year regardless of what new features are added to the game.

If you aren’t comfortable with free Madden strategies, you can purchase Madden 19 eBooks or strategy guides from places like Madden School.  If money is a little short, you may want to stick to free help.

One of the most obvious Madden tips we can suggest is to know the players on your team.  If you have the  Titans offense, you should probably run the ball more than you pass it.  If you have the Patriots offense, you should pass the ball more than you run it.  Play to your teams’ strength.

Once you know how to use your team best, you want to be able to identify and exploit the other player’s weaknesses.  If you are playing against the Jaguars, you probably shouldn’t throw the ball anywhere near Jalen Ramsey.  This takes some time because instead of having to know your 1 team, you have to know the strategies of the 31 other NFL teams in the game.

Learn how to move the ball down the field and how to stop it.  There are a lot of good resources available online.  A lot of people are willing to post their schemes and money plays for free just to make the community better.  You don’t have to use everything you find but you should be aware of what some of the common offenses and defenses of Madden players are.

Don’t compile a list of money plays and call it an offense.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people who are trying to get better at Madden make.  They see someone run a play that works and then add it to their offense.  Then they see a different play that is hard to stop and they add that.  Pretty soon you have 5-10 awesome plays that work great in the first half.  By the time the second half rolls around though, your opponent adjusts and you have no idea what to do.

Instead, build a scheme.  Save your money plays for crucial situations like 3rd and 10 in the 4th quarter.  This will be more important in Madden NFL 19 than it has been in previous Madden games.

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