NHL 12 Patch 1.04 Released

nhl 12 patch

A new patch has been released for NHL 12 on both the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360.  You can find the full details straight from the guys over at EA Sports on what the patch entails below.


  1. Fixes for Winnipeg Jets and St. John’s IceCaps Jerseys
  2. Added helmet numbers to front of helmet for all NHL teams


  1. Exploit where a user is able to skate wide and use vision control to take a slap shot and score while the goalie is out of position
  2. Exploit where when the goalie is covering the puck, a diving player could sometimes knock the puck loose
  3. Situation where the game would sometimes, but very rarely crash during instant replay
  4. Situation where a stick check would sometimes crash the game

Hockey Ultimate Team

  1. Hockey Ultimate Team fix where a user is able to exceed the trade pile’s 30 card limit by adding cards from the Edit Lineup screen. Fixing this key issue, fixes multiple other issues within HUT that were triggered by this.

Game Modes

  1. Fixed an issue with Game Modes tuner set files not loading correctly

What other fixes were you hoping for in this patch that you didn’t get?  What would you like to see in the next patch? Leave your thoughts in the comments section at the end of this post.

7 thoughts on “NHL 12 Patch 1.04 Released”

  1. NHL 12 freezes up during game play, not just during instant replay. It also happens during the transition from in-game play to the pause menu.


  2. Winnipeg needs an official team logo on golie mask!!!
    The abilaty to put injured players on long term IR so we can go above cap and get players, just like the real NHL GM does. The abilaty to sign players to a AHL contract in be a GM so other teams don’t sign them, this would be more realistic to the real NHL.

  3. For years I have been hoping for this and it has never happened yet, hopefully you’ll do it for NHL13. To have the ability to re-sign players to extensions mid season. They could have some kind of chart or something saying their interest so that not every player would re-sign, but at least some just like real life. If this happens I’ll love you long time.

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