No Superbowl Halftime Blog For Madden 13

Over the last 3 years, the development team in charge of the Madden franchise has done an excellent job of getting information out early to the fans of the Madden video game. During halftime of every Superbowl

madden 13 stadiumOver the last 3 years, the development team in charge of the Madden franchise has done an excellent job of getting information out early to the fans of the Madden video game.  During halftime of every Superbowl, a blog post would be put up detailing some new features or cool additions that we could look forward too.  Unfortunately, there will be no news released about the upcoming Madden 13 game during this year’s Superbowl.  There is a new team in charge of developing Madden 13 which likely wants to spend more time making the best football video game on the market and less time communicating with the fans 6 months before the new game is released.  There is still no word yet on when the first information on Madden 13 will come out but it will not be before the Superbowl.

What would you like to see in Madden 13?  Are you dissappointed that you will not get a sneak peek into the development of the game this year?

4 thoughts on “No Superbowl Halftime Blog For Madden 13”

  1. I was hoping that I would be able to see some improvements for madden 13 this year. Hopefully they are working on the game instead of talking about it.

  2. This blows! I love hearing about what is going on even if it is only small things. I guess I will just have to wait

  3. they should makee superstar mode better such as like 2k12 and should have certain drills for your position before you get on a team you go through a combine and such stuff ..

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