Madden NFL 13 on PS Vita

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EA Sports has listed PlayStation Vita as a console that you will be able to play Madden 13 on.  After the relative success FIFA 12 had on the PS Vita it looks like Electronic Arts is expanding it’s PlayStation Vita presence to other sports video games including Madden 13.

There is still no word on a feature set or cross platform compatibility but the future is looking bright for sports video games on handheld devices.  What would you like to see in Madden NFL 13 on the PlayStation Vita?  Let us know in the comments section.

Madden 13 Cover Vote Advances to Sweet 16

The cover vote for Madden 13 has progressed to the round of 16 with no true upsets happening. Outside of Tim Tebow losing to Arian Foster there were no big surprises. Dwayne Bowe was absolutely demolished by…

madden 13 tournament

The cover vote for Madden 13 has progressed to the round of 16 with no true upsets happening.  Outside of Tim Tebow losing to Arian Foster there were no big surprises.  Dwayne Bowe was absolutely demolished by fellow wide receiver Calvin Johnson getting only 8% of the votes compared to Megatron’s 92%.

You can still vote for the Madden 13 cover athlete with the next rounds results being revealed April 4th.  Vote daily at the ESPN SportsNation page.

Madden 13 Cover Tournament Advances To 1st Round

The Madden NFL 13 cover tournament has advanced to the round of 32. There is now only one representative from each team in the tournament (excluding free agent moves). Aaron Rodgers…

madden nfl 13 cover

The Madden NFL 13 cover tournament has advanced to the round of 32.  There is now only one representative from each team in the tournament (excluding free agent moves).  Aaron Rodgers and Cam Newton were given the #1 seeds while LaGarrette Blount and Joe Haden are the lowest seeded players at #16.

In a surprising matchup of teammates, Rob Gronkowski will face Brandon Lloyd (who was recently acquired from the Rams).  Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu shared the cover of Madden 10 but are going head to head in this round.  You can place your vote at the Sportsnation website.  This round will last until March 28th so get your votes in now!

Madden 13 Website Goes Live

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A few weeks ago we pointed out that the EA Sports NCAA Football 13 website went live and now the transition has been made from Madden 12 to Madden 13.  Right now it is a very simplified website with new features and announcements to come later.  You can still check out the official Madden forums or blog which are on their website full time.

As of today the only major news about Madden 13 is the cover tournament going happening right now on Facebook. As more news comes out, we will pass it along to you.

Las Vegas Odds on Madden 13 Cover Athlete

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You can now bet on which of the 64 players will be selected for the Madden 13 cover.  Las Vegas has set odds on the players that have any realistic chance of winning ranging from Tim Tebow with 5 to 1 odds to Dwayne Bowe with 100 to 1 odds.  The first round of the tournament ends on March 21st when the field will be narrowed down to 32 players.  Check out the detailed odds below.

Tim Tebow (DEN) 5/1
Cam Newton (CAR) 13/2
Rob Gronkowski (NE) 13/2
Victor Cruz (NYG) 12/1
Calvin Johnson (DET) 18/1
Arian Foster (HOU) 18/1
Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG) 20/1
Ray Rice (BAL) 20/1
Clay Matthews (GB) 20/1
Michael Vick (PHI) 25/1
LeSean McCoy (PHI) 25/1
Patrick Willis (SF) 25/1
Jimmy Graham (NO) 30/1
Darrelle Revis (NYJ) 30/1
Chris Johnson (TEN) 30/1
Matt Forte (CHI) 30/1
A.J. Green (CIN) 30/1
Marshawn Lynch (SEA) 30/1
Drew Brees (NO) 30/1
Von Miller (DEN) 30/1
Jared Allen (MIN) 30/1
Andre Johnson (HOU) 35/1
Demarcus Ware (DAL) 35/1
Julio Jones (ATL) 35/1
Maurice Jones-Drew (JAC) 35/1
Matthew Stafford (DET) 40/1
Troy Polamalu (PIT) 40/1
Brandon Marshall (MIA) 40/1
Antonio Gates (SD) 50/1
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) 50/1
Wes Welker (NE) 50/1
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) 50/1
Phillip Rivers (SD) 60/1
Terrell Suggs (BAL) 80/1
Percy Harvin (MIN) 80/1
Stevie Johnson (BUF) 100/1
Dwayne Bowe (KC) 100/1
Brian Orakpo (WAS) 100/1
Dwight Freeney (IND) 100/1

Madden 13 Cover Tournament Begins

madden 13 cover voting

Now that all of the 64 eligible players in the Madden 13 cover tournament have been revealed, it is time to start round 1.  The first round will match teammates up against each other for the right to advance to the round of 32.  ESPN’s SportsNation is hosting the tournament on their Facebook page.

Voting for the first round ends on March 21st and the winners will be revealed on ESPN at 5 P.M. EST/2 P.M. PST.  Who will you be voting for?