Madden 13 Website Goes Live

ea sports madden nfl 13 website

A few weeks ago we pointed out that the EA Sports NCAA Football 13 website went live and now the transition has been made from Madden 12 to Madden 13.  Right now it is a very simplified website with new features and announcements to come later.  You can still check out the official Madden forums or blog which are on their website full time.

As of today the only major news about Madden 13 is the cover tournament going happening right now on Facebook. As more news comes out, we will pass it along to you.

3 thoughts on “Madden 13 Website Goes Live”

  1. I Would Like Them To Do A Real Life Halftime Show Show The Replays Of The Best Plays. Bring Back The Legends. Improve On The Gameplay Like Make the Sideline Players Realistic Instead Of On Off Screen Camera So When A Player Runs Out Of Bounds He Run Into The Sideline Player Instead Of Going Threw Him. Show The Camera That Hovers Over The Field. They Should Put Real Life Tattoos On The Players They Have It In Other Sports. Bring Penalties Like Horse Collar. Please Bring Back Helmets Come Off On A Big Hit. Stitching On The Jerseys Can Be More Realistic. More Camera Angles In Superstar Mode I Hate That It Zooms Out When QB Snaps Ball And Please Bring Back Real Life Touchdown Celebrations.

  2. I would just like to see a more realistic gameplay. It plays like an arcade game and there is really no thinking that goes into the game. I just would like to see a revamped game cause this game is starting to get repetitive and old.

  3. Thats true Bowman and they should bring online clubs back also in the game and the club tag name by your madden account name then they should have like a mode were you could choose over 100 different celebrations and you could custumize which ones you want in your x,square,o and triangle buttons like audibles and when you score you could press either button and do your celebration. they need a website were we could give ideas.

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