Heel Chop In FIFA 12

Having a variety of moves in FIFA 12 is essential to keep your opponents off balance. The heel chop is the perfect move for cutting inside from the wing.  The great part about it is that you can perform it while jogging so you don’t have to slow down.  Your player needs to have at least a 4 star rating to successfully pull off this move.  Watch the video below to see exactly how to pull it off.

2 thoughts on “Heel Chop In FIFA 12”

  1. I could use magic tricks against the World Class defense and they still wouldnt budge… I mean its crazy how a Serie A last place team like Catania can have defense that looks like Real Madrid. I dont like how the harder the difficulty gets, the more unrealistic and cheeky the cpu becomes. They jockey on offense and change direction like bosses. Lol yes, I just lost a cup match in my career mode so thats why I am venting lol… I just hate when the cpu cheats as the difficulty rises.

  2. why does it do stupid crosses, and passes to no-one, when you are clearly pointing the pass at the team m8 10 yrds infront of ya

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