Madden 13: Defense is The New Focus

defense in madden nfl 13

Earlier today Game Informer released an interview with Electronic Art’s chief creative officer Richard Hilleman with some early news about what we can expect in Madden 13.  In this interview Hilleman made it clear that the new development team in charge of Madden NFL 13 would focus on making defense fun again.

They are doing big things this year,” he said. “They’re making big changes. Those are big changes that are going to break a lot of stuff, and they know that. What we’re after is a better defense that’s more fun to play.

Madden 13 is still months away so there is plenty of time to improve the defensive experience.  Making the game more realistic has always been a concern of the Madden community.  Improving the defense is a huge step in the right direction.

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