Madden 13 Release Date

madden 13 release date announced

The official release date for Madden 13 is scheduled for August 28th, 2012. Usually the Madden NFL games come out on the second Tuesday of August but last year EA Sports decided to move the release date back 3 weeks.  The only other news we have so far is the Madden 13 cover tournament which will be a 64 man tournament with 2 players from each team battling for the cover.

If you are more of a college football fan, you can find the NCAA Football 13 release date here.

3 thoughts on “Madden 13 Release Date”

  1. madden nfl 13 should have online clubs like ps2 madden 08, for some reason every year they take something out the game that was a success. they should at least let people see there records in playnow at least sence you dont get points for inviting your opponent in the lobby, and also you should also be able to review your opponents recent opponents and what level they are. every year it seems to get worse and also madden nfl 13 could have custom celebrations they should have like 100 celebrations to choose from and you can assign them to each button like square, triangle, x , and circle so wen you score a TD you could press ethier button and do your custom celebrations kinduh like a audible.

  2. why isn’t the game coming out in mid august like previous years? I thought last year came out late only because of the lockout.

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