UFC Undisputed 3 First DLC Released

ufc 3 fight of the night dlc

UFC Undisputed 3 is seriously struggling to gain traction among fans of mixed martial arts and casual video gamers.  However the downloadable content will continue to roll out.  If you payed $17 extra to get the “season pass” you get this update (as well as all other updates for free) but if you didn’t you can purchase this DLC which contains Joe Lauzon, Rory MacDonald, Sam Stout, Anthony Johnson, and Charles Oliveira for $5.

Five more fighters will be released in April which will cost you even more money for a game that is still having plenty of problems.  You can check out the YouTube video for the Fight of The Night DLC below.

Are you happy with the overall experience of UFC Undisputed 3?  Are you still having trouble with online play?  Let us know in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “UFC Undisputed 3 First DLC Released”

  1. im still having trouble online for sure. yesterday my record actually got wiped and i had close to 55000 points

  2. One bad thing (ugly, ugly) about “UFC Undisputed 2010” was the lack of realism and “weight” of some striking tecniques; sometimes you could get KOs with a simple well timed punch that the game was reading as a “counter attack” but really was a tiny slap on the cheek.
    This time that they have worked well rendering much more real some sides of de game (like animations system on the ground game or the cage clinch) they have totally forgetted the collisions system. That means KOs with head kicks which affects the neck or the shoulders instead of the big target (the temporal bone or the jaw). And Consequential unreal animations.
    Or when the fighters are in the “up/down” position, and the one on his feet needs to enter the guard of the one on the floor (for ex with a superman punch) if they dont match each other the physic engine lets floating one of them on the top of the other.
    Another not well implemented system is the video editing feature, waiting times (20 min of render for 1 min of video) the PS3’s hard disk is not suited for things like that. And the impossibility to name the clips or organize the “binning” phase. I cant wait one minute or more everytime I want to move one clip.
    Overall is a good game (the career mode is improved) but things like that must be tested before the release.

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