FIFA 13 Worldwide Cover Released

Fifa 13 Cover with Messi

The cover for FIFA 13 has been released. This will be the worldwide cover so depending which region you are in, you will see Messi along with other players from that region.

This is the first cover Messi has graced, and it for sure will not be the last. Messi has signed a longterm deal with EA Sports, so expect to see the face of Messi everywhere.

What do you guys think of the cover?

5 thoughts on “FIFA 13 Worldwide Cover Released”

  1. Good looking cover. I’m surprised they didn’t do some sort of cover tournament like they did for Madden 13 and NHL 13.

  2. That’s quality. I particularly like the way EA have highlighted the FIFA 13 text, it’s way better than the massive bar they used to have. I would bet money on Wilshere and Rooney gracing the UK cover either side of Messi.

  3. Great great cover indeed. It’s good that they using one of the best players around currently if not the best! Love it!

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