Huge NCAA Football 13 Glitch

Those of you who follow VG Strategy know that we love our sports video games so we play them as soon and as often as we can.  While playing NCAA Football 13 a few days ago, I noticed a weird glitch during an online game versus a buddy of mine.  Pretty much when it is done, the entire defense either goes into QB spies or rushes the quarterback leaving your wide receivers wide open down the field.  Just to emphasize how dangerous it is, the video was filmed on Heisman difficulty level with Texas State (D overall) vs. Alabama (A+ overall, #1 team in the nation).  The video below shows the glitch as well as a few different ways stopping it.

Please please please don’t abuse this against unsuspecting people online.  Hopefully it gets patched up by EA Sports soon.  However if you have a buddy that is always beating you or annoying you, whip this play out for fun just to get a reaction out of him.

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