VG Strategy FIFA Street Montage

FIFA Street comes out next week and in celebration of this, our FIFA moderator bingbang put together a montage from the FIFA Street demo highlighting brilliant goals, nifty tricks, and much more.  You can watch the video below.  Share your best videos for FIFA 12 and FIFA Street in the comments section.  Are you excited for the FIFA Street release?

Top 5 Defenders in FIFA 12

best defenders in FIFA 12

Every good team has defenders that they can count on to stop an attack before it results in a goal.  Today our resident FIFA 12 expert BingBang goes over the 5 best defenders in this year’s FIFA game.

5. Lucio (Inter Milan)

The best affordable Brazilian player with 85 defending he won’t let you down. He has 83 heading, 6’2 and he is also a great ball winner in the air. You can get him for only 6,000 coins, 85 overall.

4. John Terry (Chelsea)

He is very strong and has great defensive abilities with an 87 defence rating. Terry is over 6 feet tall and great in the air with his 85 heading. He is good at clearing the ball, scoring at corners and defending corners too. He costs 20,000 coins and is 86 overall.

3. Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)

He too is very strong and has 86 defending. You won’t be able to get past him with 69 pace which is good for a defender. His 79 heading rating is not the best but still good. He is yours for only 25,000 coins, 87 overall.

2. Thiago Silva (Milan)

Silva is the best defender in Brazil. He is fast with 83 pace, tall, excellent defending at 86 and immense in the air with 86 heading. He is 80,000 coins and 87 overall. If you have the coins he is a MUST BUY.

1. Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United)

Vidic is the best defender on the game. He is a 6’2 Serbian monster who can take the ball from everyone (including Messi) with an astonishing 89 defence. He is great in the air with an incredible 91 heading. He costs only 100,000 coins and is 89 overall. If you have the coins he’s also a MUST BUY.

Let us know who you think the 5 best FIFA 12 defenders are in the comments section below.

Top 5 Strikers in FIFA 12

Top 5 Strikers in FIFA 12

Having a dominant striker is very important if you want to be any good in FIFA 12.  We put together a list of the top 5 to give you every advantage when you are playing online or against your friends.

5. Didier Drogba

Drogba has an awesome shot with 86. His pace is 74 which isn’t bad but he makes up for it with his dribbling skills at 80, with 87 heading, and a 6’2 frame he is a beast in the air. Overall 86 and costs around 40,000 coins.

4. Demba Ba

He’s improved time and time again but now he’s got 86 pace which is brilliant and 86 shot, the same as Drogba. 80 dibbling and 82 heading make Ba an awesome player who now has improved 3 times on FIFA 12. Overall 84 and costs around 50,000 coins.

3. Luis Suarez

It’s pretty clear why he is good. With an overall shot of 90 there is no stopping him. He has a pace of 85 to outrun defenders and 87 dribbling. He’s the one guy you want to tear the defence in pieces. He is 87 overall and costs around 100,000 coins.

2. Robin Van Persie

He got a new card with 93 shot to blow out any shot from anywhere and 82 pace makes him not the slowest of players. 88 dribbling skill can turn the defensive line into a curve and with 83 passing he can pick out players long distances. 88 overall and the stats speak for themselves around 185,000 coins.

1. Wayne Rooney

Rooney is a beast. I don’t need to say how good he is because of stats like these: 81 heading, 83 pace, 84 dribbling, and finally 88 shot which is deadly and weirdly accurate. He’s top notch when talking about strikers. With a classy 90 overall, he costs around 290,000 coins.

Which strikers do you think we missed? Who do you think shouldn’t be on this list?  Let us know in the comments section below.