What To Look For in a Madden 15 Strategy Forum

It seems that new Madden websites pop up every month promising free tips, awesome guides, and competitive tournaments.  This certainly has been the case with previous games like Madden NFL 25 and Madden 13.  We’ll probably see the same thing this year with Madden NFL 15.  Below are a few tips for choosing the best Madden 15 forum for your needs.

  • Choose one that has been around for a long time.  Without giving out specific links, there are about 3 or 4 madden strategy websites that have stood the test of time and have been alive and active for 5+ years.  Those are the ones you want to join.  Nothing is more frustrating than joining a website that becomes inactive overnight or a league that ends after 3 weeks.
  • Check the quality of tips and cheats.  There are really only about 5 innovators in the whole Madden community.  Everyone else just takes the schemes other people create and use it as their own.  The people or website you want to follow are the ones constantly coming up with new strategies.
  • Find a message board that is welcoming.  There are a few big Madden forums that have plenty of members but are only welcoming to the “in crowd.”  You should never feel afraid to ask a question.  If people call you a noob or jump on you abut it, it is time to find a new forum for Madden 15.

Madden 15 is rapidly approaching.  Even though there isn’t much news yet, expect a demo in bout 3 months and the game to be release in August.

Brushing Up On Madden 25 Tips With Madden School

The new Madden game is right around the corner so that means it is time to bust out the Madden 25 tips again.  Modrewgnu from Madden-School.com has been kind enough to join us to go over some of his favorite strategies for the upcoming game.

VG Strategy: What are a few things that you tell people who just picked up Madden 25 that want to get better immediately?

Madden-School: The best way to improve your skill level is practice.  Like anything, the more time you put into it, the better you will be.  You want to focus on practice mode first.  Pick a play and run it against all kinds of defenses.  Get your timing down and no what to look for.  Once you get comfortable with a scheme, then take it into a game.  A common mistake is to just jump right into an online ranked game and see how it goes.  Try to avoid that.

Also, pick a team and stick with them.  I can guarantee that a guy who picks an average team like the Dolphins and uses them every game will be better than a guy who switches between the top 5 teams.  There is something to be said for consistency.  You know the limits of all of your players once you get used to them.  This minimizes your mistakes.

One of the absolute easiest ways for someone to get better in Madden 25 is to simply buy one of our elite Madden 25 guides online.  Some people call them ebooks, others call them strategy guides but the outcome is the same.  They will make you better immediately.

VG Strategy: What about for people who can’t afford Madden ebooks?  How should they get better?

Madden-School: There are all kinds of easily accessible ways to brush up on your Madden tips.   Our Madden-School forum is one of those resources.  Hundreds of pretty awesome people get together there and share their knowledge.  If the community scene isn’t really thing, we usually do a good job of organizing our tips and strategies in the Madden 25 tips section on our website.

VG Strategy: What do you think will be the hardest part of Madden 25 for the average person?

Madden School: It is hard to say at this point.  I think the run free feature is going to lead to a vastly improved running game.  I’d be surprised if quarterback runs from the pistol and shotgun formations aren’t effective.  Some teams ran them so well in the NFL last year that EA Sports will have to represent that in their game.

VG Strategy: What team will you use?

Madden-School: The Jaguars.  This is for 2 reasons: They are probably the worst team in the game and they are my favorite NFL team.  It is hard to stay competitive with a team like that but if you can win with the Jaguars, you can win with any team.

How To Properly Run The NCAA 14 GNU Option

NCAA Football 14 has only been out for a week and already some outrageous tips and glitches are surfacing on the internet.  We put together a YouTube video going over how to run the GNU Option (named after Madden-School.com founder Modrewgnu) the proper way in NCAA Football 14.

If you don’t run it with the correct timing, you will get called for offensive pass interference.  If you don’t run it with the correct hot routes, the play won’t be very effective.

The video below explains the GNU option in detail including the setup, why it works, and how to counter it.

Look for more NCAA Football 14 tips to follow over the next couples days.

Early NBA 2K14 Defensive Tips For Success

The most effective type of defense in NBA 2K14 is to guard the ball handler and play smart on ball defense. This is also the toughest type of defense to play and in some situations you won’t be capable of stopping a player using on ball defense. If you notice you can’t stop the ball handler yourself don’t fret, there is another option. Play help defense.

There are two basic ways to play help defense, depending on your opponent you can alternate between the methods. The first method is to simply play defense as the center and hold down the paint (close out on some closer shots too.  This is the easiest way to play defense so long as you don’t let easy passes to an open center in the post (get back to your man if you must or cut off the pass.

If you are playing a team like OKC then this is your method of choice because leaving Kendrick Perkins open usually isn’t an issue unless he is right under the basket. The “center defense” as I call it is extremely effective because not only can you close up lanes but your opponent see’s you are the intimidating center and will not want to bring it to the basket. Sometimes you can’t play off the center due to match up issues, this is where you must choose to help off.

If you are playing against the likes of Dwight Howard, Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert or any other elite centers then it isn’t suggested you help off the center.

In order to shut down the offense you should help off the weakest link.  Regardless if the offense’s weakest link is a point guard or a power forward you should help off the player your opponent is least likely to score with (if you’re trying to stop an elite center, use one of your forwards). If I am playing the Rockets I usually help off their weak power forwards. It is important to always keep an eye on the player you are helping off so they do not get a wide open layup.

This technique will force more shots with bad shooters and force the ball out of the primary scorer’s hand.

The best thing to do when you bring help is to force the ball out of the players hands or cut off the lane. Stepping in front of the player when they beat their defender and predicting which lane they are taking is a great move while playing help defense. If you just want the ball to be in another players hands(possibly cause Lebron is seemingly unstoppable for instance) then bring the help early in the offense and keep your defenders hands up to try to cut off any easy pass.

The final key to help defense is being able to quickly switch to another defender and bringing help on the open player you left. For instance if you bring the power forward to double team on the center then be ready to bring the small forward to stop the opponents power forward if they get the ball. The best 2K14 players won’t ever stop at one switch and will continuously bring help defenders until the offense is forced into a bad shot.

Official NHL 14 Trailer

The NHL 14 that was being shown on the floor of E3 is now available for the public to view on YouTube.  It is just over a minute long and showcases a few new or improved features EA Sports has added into their hockey video game this year.

NHL 14 is still scheduled to be released on September 10th throughout North America and September 13th globally.  It will only be available on the PlayStation 3 and the XBOX 360.

For more information on news, features, and pre order bonuses check out the NHL 14 pre order page.

Enjoy the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Complete NCAA Football 14 Team Ratings

The guys over at Tradition Sports Online put together the complete ratings for each team in NCAA Football 14.  Offense, Defense, and Overall rating were all recorded.  Look for some individual player ratings to come out over the next few days.

As expected, Alabama leads all teams with 99 ratings on offense, defense, and overall.  Check out the full ratings below.

Team Overall Offense Defense
Air Force 70 68 71
Akron 63 61 65
Alabama 99 99 99
Arizona 86 86 88
Arizona State 84 86 83
Arkansas 88 88 87
Arkansas State 77 79 76
Army 72 72 73
Auburn 88 88 90
BYU 83 84 83
Ball State 79 86 73
Baylor 90 90 88
Boise State 86 90 82
Boston College 86 86 85
Bowling Green 74 75 75
Buffalo 79 81 78
Cal 84 86 83
Central Michigan 72 72 71
Cincinnati 81 81 83
Clemson 93 95 90
Colorado 79 81 78
Colorado State 72 74 73
UConn 81 84 80
Duke 79 79 78
ECU 84 86 83
Eastern Michigan 65 68 65
FIU 79 77 80
Florida 90 90 92
FAU 75 77 76
Florida State 91 93 92
Fresno State 81 84 78
Georgia State 60 60 60
Georgia 91 95 88
Georgia Tech 86 83 88
Hawaii 77 77 76
Houston 84 86 83
Idaho 63 67 61
Illinois 83 86 80
Indiana 81 83 82
Iowa 88 88 90
Iowa State 81 81 83
Kansas 81 84 78
Kansas State 86 91 83
Kent State 74 75 75
Kentucky 84 84 83
LSU 93 93 92
La Tech 74 75 73
Louisville 90 93 88
Marshall 74 77 73
Maryland 86 86 85
Memphis 70 72 70
Miami (FL) 90 91 88
Miami (OH) 72 74 71
Michigan 91 91 92
Michigan State 91 90 93
MTSU 74 75 75
Minnesota 79 79 80
Mississippi State 88 90 85
Missouri 88 90 87
North Carolina State 84 84 85
Navy 74 74 75
Nebraska 88 91 85
Nevada 75 77 73
New Mexico 65 67 66
New Mexico State 65 68 65
North Carolina 91 91 90
North Texas 72 72 75
NIU 79 83 78
Northwestern 86 86 87
Notre Dame 93 93 93
Ohio 79 83 76
Ohio State 95 97 92
Oklahoma 91 97 88
Oklahoma State 91 93 92
Old Dominion 70 74 68
Ole Miss 90 91 88
Oregon 95 99 92
Oregon State 84 86 83
Penn State 84 86 85
Pitt 77 77 80
Purdue 84 84 85
Rice 75 75 76
Rutgers 84 86 82
SMU 81 83 78
San Diego State 84 84 83
San Jose 77 81 76
South Carolina 90 88 90
South Alabama 68 67 70
Southern Miss 74 72 75
Stanford 91 91 93
Syracuse 81 83 80
TCU 84 86 85
Temple 81 81 82
Tennessee 86 84 88
Texas 93 95 93
Texas A&M 91 95 88
Texas State 68 67 70
Texas Tech 86 90 83
Toledo 81 84 78
Troy 75 75 75
Tulane 75 77 68
Tulsa 79 84 75
UAB 68 68 68
UCF 83 86 82
UCLA 88 88 87
UL Lafayette 77 81 75
UL Monroe 75 79 75
UMass 61 61 65
UNLV 72 75 70
USC 91 95 90
USF 84 81 87
UTEP 75 77 73
UTSA 68 68 70
Utah 86 84 87
Utah State 75 77 75
Vanderbilt 83 84 82
Virginia 84 86 83
Virginia Tech 93 91 95
Wake Forest 83 83 85
Washington 91 91 90
Washington State 81 83 80
West Virginia 84 83 87
Western Kentucky 75 72 78
Western Michigan 72 74 71
Wisconsin 88 88 88
Wyoming 75 77 75