Past Heisman Winners Lobby For NCAA Football 13 Cover

As we covered a few days ago, fans of NCAA Football 13 will have the chance to vote for which former Heisman Trophy winner will be alongside Robert Griffin III on the NCAA 13 cover.  Since this year is an election year, all 8 candidates were given 90 seconds to talk about why they should get your vote.

You can watch all 8 short videos below and then go vote at the EA Sports Facebook App.  Who will you vote for?

NCAA Football 13 Former Heisman Cover Voting Begins

ncaa football 13 heisman trophy tournament

Robert Griffin III was announced a few weeks ago as the cover athlete for NCAA Football 13 but many people noticed that there was a spot for a second person on the cover.  That second person will be a former Heisman trophy winner which fans will be able to choose.

EA Sports has set up an 8 man tournament of those Heisman winners with first round matchups of Barry Sanders vs. Andre Ware, Eddie George vs. Desmond Howard, Marcus Allen vs. Herschel Walker, and Doug Flutie vs. Charlie Ward.  The voting starts today at on the EA Sports Facebook page app.  Each round will last 7 days with the winner being revealed in 3 weeks.