MLB 12 The Show Diamond Dynasty Mode

In MLB 12 The Show’s diamond dynasty mode it is up to your to build a championship roster from a combination of Major League and customized players. You can customize your logo and uniform any…

In MLB 12 The Show’s diamond dynasty mode it is up to your to build a championship roster from a combination of Major League and customized players.  You can customize your logo and uniform any way you want it.  You can also edit any of your players and train them to become an all star.  Dynasty cards range from bronze to platinum.  They can include up to 5 tool bonuses like power, contact, speed, etc.

You will have to spend your  budget wisely to train your team.  Of course if you run out and don’t want to earn more the hard way, you can purchase extra credits through the PlayStation Store.  There are too many cool new features to list here but the video below does a great job of explaning them.

MLB 12: The Show Team Ratings

mlb 12 team rankings

The rankings for each team in MLB 12 The Show have been released.  Below you can find all 30 MLB teams ratings in overall, hitting, pitching, and defense.  The New York Yankees are listed as the top overall team while Astros are considered the worst.  In related news, it was confirmed today that there will be no demo for MLB 12 The Show as we speculated yesterday.

Hitting Pitching Defense
Rangers Yankees Yankees
2 Rangers Red Sox Giants Red Sox
3 Phillies Phillies Phillies Angels
4 Tigers Yankees Braves Phillies
5 Red Sox Tigers Marlins Rangers
6 Cardinals Rockies Tigers Dodgers
7 Angels Blue Jays Reds Diamondbacks
8 Diamondbacks Cardinals Rays Reds
9 Braves Diamondbacks Brewers Rays
10 Blue Jays Angels Angels Orioles
11 Reds Reds Nationals Brewers
12 Giants Brewers Cardinals Rockies
13 Marlines Braces Diamondbacks Cardinals
14 Brewers Orioles Rangers Twins
15 Nationals Nationals Red Sox Padres
16 Rays Marlins Dodgers Tigers
17 Dodgers Indians Blue Jays Blue Jays
18 Rockies Rays White Sox Mariners
19 Indians Giants Indians Cubs
20 White Sox Dodgers Royals Royals
21 Royals White Sox Mets Indians
22 Orioles Cubs Mariners Braves
23 Cubs Padres A’s Giants
24 Padres Royals Cubs Pirates
25 A’s A’s Padres Astros
26 Mets Mariners Twiners Nationals
27 Mariners Pirates Pirates Marlins
28 Twins Twins Rockies A’s
29 Pirates Mets Orioles White Sox
30 Astros Astros Astros Mets


MLB 12: The Show Demo Playable At Best Buy

mlb 12 the show demo at best buy

While it hasn’t been confirmed by SCEA, all signs point to having no pre-release demo for MLB 12: The Show.  However some Best Buy stores do have playable MLB 12: The Show kiosks where you can take the game for a test run.  This doesn’t come as a big surprise since SCEA and Best Buy have worked together before doing a similar exclusive deal for the MLB 10: The Show demo.

Many fans would prefer the opportunity to try the game out from the comfort of their own home instead of having to travel to their local Best Buy.  Even so, it appears that right now only select Best Buy’s are stocked with the kiosks that allow you to play The Show so call your store and ask before you make the trip.  Will you go and give the demo a try or is it too much of a hassle?

UPDATE: Just to clarify, you can play the full game at Best Buy although technically it is still a “demo” since you are just giving it a try and can’t buy it.

Will There Be An MLB 12: The Show Demo?

mlb 12 the show demo release date

With under 2 weeks until MLB 12: The Show hits stores, there is still no word from SCEA or Sony on a release date for the demo.  At this point many fans are speculating that there will not be a pre-release demo at all.  If in fact there is no demo, it sends a very negative signal to baseball video game fans.  There is still a very real possibility that the demo will be released next week.

The Show’s main competitor, MLB 2K12, has been even quieter about the possibility of a demo for their game.  Other than the Kate Upton video, the $1 million dollar perfect game competition, and a 5 point feature list, we don’t know anything about MLB 2K12.  When put against 2K12, MLB 12 The Show can’t do any wrong but not releasing a demo would really hurt the ability to expand their fan base.

MLB 12 The Show Stories Video

Major League Baseball is unique from all of the other major professional sports because of the different roads that MLB players take to get to their.  In this MLB 12: The Show video preview, players such as Josh Hamilton, C.C. Sabathia, and many more go over some of the struggles that they overcame to make it to the big leagues.  MLB 12: The Show comes out March 6th on both the PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

Cross Platform Compatibility in MLB 12: The Show

mlb 12 ps vita

One of the coolest features in MLB 12: The Show is the cross platform compatibility function.  Essentially this allows you to take a game that you were playing on your PlayStation 3 directly to your PS Vita.  So if you were in the middle of a close game in the 8th inning but you had to go somewhere and you just couldn’t wait to finish the game, you could finish it up on your PS Vita.  It works the other way as well.  If you have some free time at work, you can start a game on your PS Vita and finish it up on your PS3 when you get home.

Sony released a video advertisement showcasing this new feature on their PlayStation Youtube channel.  You can see it below:

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